Monday, May 28, 2012

Alikah says

Me: Wanna do the dishes for me?
Alikah: Me? Im too small to do the dishes. *Disappointed sigh*

Alikah: Hey Harper whaddya got there?
Me: He ate his supper. Yours is still on the table.
Alikah: But I dont like it
Alikah: ...nothing wrong with that.

"Can I see your boooobs? Oooh very interesting"

Spencer: I dont want a d-i-v-o-r-c-e 
Me: You wont get one youll be d-e-a-d 
*it was funny that she picked up on it even though we didnt say it

Me: Button *pokes belly button*
Alikah: Thats my on button off button

Me: What should I do?
Alikah: Vacuum!
Me: What do I want?
Alikah: Coffeee!

"Mom!! Can you fix my undies they are up so high!"

Alikah: Mom you should come clean up this mess you made in my room.
Me: I made a mess?
Alikah: Yeah, a little one. 
Me: Haha okay MOM one second..
Alikah: ......Mom you shouldn't be mean to yourself.

Me: Alikah, do you want brothers and sisters?
Alikah: I want 100 brothers and sisters! But some are still at the other homes.
(This was so cute to me because we want to adopt, so it makes sense in a way.)

"Theres a dead mouse over there mom. Stabler killed it. Hes a really good hunter."
Then later, when Spencer was moving it: "Awww hes just a little guy. He lost his family."

Alikah: Whats that!
Me: Just the test. (Tornados sirens test every week)
Alikah: To see if the world is working?

Alikah: Buts its hot!
Me: Whats hot?
Alikah: The WORLD!

Alikah: Im sick.
Me: What do you need?
Alikah: Well cookies make every little kid feel better. Or maybe just a donut.

Alikah: Im bored.
Me: Only boring people get bored.
Alikah: Im boring.


  1. She's so funny! I love these type of posts :)

  2. I love the boobs one.

  3. Alikah ... 3 going on 35?? wtf? I love it! she sounds awesome. and I don't know how old she is really ... I just made up 3. She's probably like 5? 6?

    1. Haha thank you! You were right, she just turned 3 in April :)