Tuesday, February 21, 2012

eight months

-20 pounds.
-I measured him as 29 inches this morning, but last month he was 30, so well go with 30 :)
-Size 4 diapers
-Size 12 month clothes
-Wore the same size swim diapers as Alikah in the dells. Hell probably be bigger than her soon ha!
-Four teeth: two on top, two on bottom.
-Words: Hi and Hey. He repeats them back perfectly when you say them and I believe that hes figured out what they mean. Of course Dadada and Mamama. It sounded EXACTLY like he said "Alikah" in the Dells, even my dad was like, "Did he just say Alikah?" Super cute.

-Getting a lot better at sitting. He still doesnt really like it, but hes started to try to sit up when hes laying on his back. He gets prety close!

-Still inch-worms around instead of crawling.

-Tries to get up stairs and can pull himself up on the couch and some toys.

-Loves Alikah. All she has to do it say "Hi Harper!" and he cracks up and smiles. He follows her everywhere and always tries to "play" with her. But he crawls on top of her and she hates it and usually moves or runs away haha.

-He is a total daddys boy. Absolutely loves Spencer. He gets upset it Spencer walks past without acknowledging him.

First trip to the Wisconsin Dells: February 10th-12th. Wilderness Resort. He swam once but Alikah was super cold so it was definitely to cold for him. Only part that sucked was that we are sleep-training him right now and even though we had a 3 bedroom suite and he was in Spencer and mines bedroom we woke up every time he cried and gave him his bottle just so he wouldnt wake everyone else up. Threw us off schedule for a few days but he is back to normal now!Sleep Training: After our doctor told us we need to start not getting up for him at night, it was hard. I hate it! But we decided to have him sleep downstairs in the play room and it has really, really helped. The first few days I heard him quite a bit but with him being downstairs and esp. if I used ear plugs I got through it. The last few nights he hasnt cried at all :) Ya!So hard to believe he will be one year old in 4 months. Just...crazy!
We love you little man!

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