Friday, January 6, 2012

half a year

Six Months!
-About 20 pounds, not sure of length.
-Size 3 diapers, almost too small.
-Size 9-12 month clothes. 12 for one-piece outfits.
-Both bottom teeth! (Left on 12/5, Right on 12/22 - so a day after 6 months)
-First St.Nick
-Naps every hour or two at home. Wakes up at least 2 times a night. Usually more. Now that hes eating more foods during the day hes been getting a little better. We will start CIO soon, though, if he doesnt.
-Danced on 12/7 to Alikah's Little People CD. I was holding him up, but he was definitely bending and swaying to the music. So cute.
-We signed the lease for our house on his 6 month birthday.
-Will eat anything! I think it was peas he didnt like so much but other than that, yep. Mashed potatoes, strawberries, kiwis, suckers (my sister), chocolate (my sister and dad), of course your baby foods: sweet potatoes and banana usually. We usually have him try some of whatever we are eating too :) I know its a little over 6 months now but he also LOVES mum-mums. After he tried those we went and bought the puffs, yogurt melts, baby cheeto things...tried them today but he cant quite figure out how to pick them up yet. He just flings them all over the place :)
-Death scream. Ugh, the dream scream.

Loves: Tickles! When I crawl towards him super fast, funny noises and dancing, Alikah, Stabler, baby bjorn, baths, and the car wash Daddy took him through on 12/18.

Doesnt Love: Not being fed RIGHT NOW....aaaand thats about all! Oh, sometimes he rolls to hard and bangs his head on the hard wood floors, but he forgets about it pretty quick.

Its been two weeks now, but seeing and realizing how much Harper has changed recently is just amazing. He has been so happy, laughing, calm. He could lay and watch Alikah all day. He just loves her.
She loves him too.

Hes gotten so much better with his hand control and has gotten THISCLOSE to crawling a few times. You can tell he wants to, but he just cant figure it out yet. But now since our house is all hard wood floors, the kid spins himself and slides all over the place. He can definitely get where he wants to go!
Christmas Day
We love you Harper!

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