Thursday, December 8, 2011

good stuff.

-Last Saturday we went to my parents so I could print some stuff and I ended up going Christmas shopping with my mom and Heather. The kids and Spencer stayed and hung out with my dad. We got the kids their Christmas outfits and some clothes and I got a couple things from Victorias Secret.

-On Monday we went to pick up my wedding dress!! I love it, but I still need to get the train removed and a couple inches taken off because its too long.

-Tuesday morning we dropped Spencer off at work and went to my parents for St. Nick. I had told Alikah the night before what we were doing so when we got to my parents house she walked in and was like "IS NICK HERE? WHERES NICK!!?" haha. We got candy (grrr), they got a couple small toys, and I got some eyeliner and a water bottle. I picked up Spencer at 3 and then we wrapped some presents for my mom. We ate dinner there then came home.

-My knees, especially my right one, were completely gone from running so much. Last Friday was the last time I went and I had to stop early because they hurt so bad. I iced them a bunch and have taken a break since then...Im going to the gym tonight but I think Im just going to bike instead of run.

Today we find out if we get to move into my Grandma's house. It will be so, so great if we do. After talking with my mom on Saturday, I think we will. Im trying not to get too excited until we know for sure, though. Ah!

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