Friday, March 11, 2011

Ohhh Mannnn!

Alikah got a play kitchen from Santa and she loves it. She liked the french fries right away and used to always turn the milk carton upside down and put all the french fries in it. Then one day I got out of the shower and all the french fries were in a line on the toilet seat. After that for awhile we would find them in our bed, and most recently we find them hidden all over. Under our bed skirt most often but weve found them in my boots, Spencers slippers, under the kitchen table, everywhere.
We never see her do it though, like she is seriously sneaky about it!
It never gets old! I do a quick clean-up every night after she goes to bed and whenever I find them in a new hiding spot I think its hilarious.
Spencer and I were talking in bed one night and I was like "What do you think shes thinking when she does that? Why does she hide them? Why is it only the french fries??"
Spencer said that she KNOWS we think its funny so she keeps doing it.

Today I was about to vacuum so I picked up her bike and moved it out of the way and she grabs it and goes, "You're tooo late!!" and then gets on it and rides it down the hallway into our bedroom. She comes walking back a minute later saying, "'ll NEVER find your bike now!!"

It took me half a second to put together what she said and I just started cracking up.
Swiper. From Dora the Explorer. Shes been copying Swiper.

I can totally see her grinning and giggling, saying that in her head to herself every single time she hides those damn french fries.

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