Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alikah ended up staying at Mark & Lisa's for a day and then they brought her back to me on Tuesday.

Today, I got yelled at and told to just "take her to his house" instead of his parents, so we did. As we were pulling onto his street, Spencer sees him and his friend driving past us. The other way. Leaving his house. I REALLY WISH we had just kept driving and said "Oh, sorry, you weren't home." But we parked and I went up and knocked. I was putting Alikah back into the car when his new girlfriend came to the door and he drove back around the corner. Alikah clung to me, cried, said No! over and over and over, wouldnt let me put her down, wouldnt go by him. After I was so nicely told to "Do something!" and got her to agree to go watch a movie, he walked down the hall with her and her entire bottom lip was pouting. My heart was breaking. I felt so terrible. I really feel like she is thinking, "Why are you leaving me?" I cried in the car again.

Oh and of course, his friend stayed in the car in the street the whole time because Marshall was going to leave again as soon as I did. And Alikah was staying with his girlfriend that she doesnt even know.

I am never dropping her off there again. I will only take her to his parents and they also told me they can pick her up or drop her off whenever.
I have to print some court papers from my parents this week and get them mailed out so we can get into mediation and/or a hearing soon. Me hating him is one thing, Alikah making it loud and clear that she did NOT want to be there is another.

A Quaker Steaks & Lube recently opened close to where we live and Spencer wanted to try it so we stopped there to eat before coming home. They have "stupidly hot" wings as our waiter put it and it seems like a fun place to eat, we liked it and will be going back again. They also have 100oz beers at the bar but Spencer settled for a 32oz and a 22oz at the table today instead haha.

Im gonna go take a bath and then climb back into bed...hopefully I wont have to move again until Wednesday.

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